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Guduchi Powder - 100 gms

Guduchi Powder - 100 gms
Guduchi Powder - 100 gms
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Guduchi is also known as Tinospora cordifolia is synergistically processed with highly advanced technology. Herbalhills is India's largest online selling brand in pure herb powders. Herbalhills products are made out of the best quality and authentic Ayurvedic herbs, available in India. These herbs are specially selected and manually graded to give the best products. The quality and efficacy are 100% guaranteed. Please look out for our wide range of other pure herb powders. Herbalhills Tinospora powder can be used for Ayurvedic purposes. Herbalhills Giloy powder may support the liver, kidney and promote immunity.


Fine powder of high-quality Guduchi for the optimal and desired function. 

Raw Giloy powder, Gluten-Free, Chemical-free, Vegetarian.

No fillers added, Pure powder of Tinospora cordifolia 

Supports proper functioning of the liver and kidney. Promotes healthy immunity.

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Take 3 gms powder, 1 to 2 times a day or as advised by the physician


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