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Hibiscus Leaf Powder For Effective Hair Loss Control

Hibiscus Leaf Powder For Effective Hair Loss Control
Hibiscus Leaf Powder For Effective Hair Loss Control
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Dried and Powdered Leaves of Hibiscus grown in 
Benefits : Hibiscus leaves are a good source of Vitamin C which greatly boosts collagen production ensuring healthy hair growth. It’s also rich in amino acids which help in strengthening the roots of your hair; nourish them thoroughly by penetrating the quintessential nutrients in the hair follicles and help in keeping your tresses healthy, lustrous and strong. Hibiscus leaves help to prevent split ends by keeping your hair strong, nourished, and hydrated.
Usage: 1. Hibiscus Infused Oil : Infuse the powder in coconut oil and heat, strain and use. 2. Hair Mask : Mix the powder in yogurt and apply on hair and scalp.3. Conditioning Mix : Mix powders of hibiscus and henna, water and few drops of lemon. Apply as mask before head bath. 4. Hair Strengthening Mix : Mix Hibiscus Powder, Amla Powder and water to make a paste. Apply on hair. 5. Hibiscus Shampoo : Mix Hibiscus powder, gram flour and water to make a paste. Use instead of shampoo. 6. Antimicrobial Pack : Mix Neem Leaf Powder, Hibiscus Powder and water to make a paste. Apply like a mask before head bath. 7. Hair Growth Oil : Mix Curry Leaf Powder, Hibiscus Powder and Coconut Oil. Heat and Strain. Apply overnight. shelflife 18months

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