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Atta & Flour

Atta & Flour
Brand: DHATU ORGANICS Model: Cold Milled
English : Spiked Millet/Pearl Millet, Bengali : Bajra, Gujarati : Bajri, Hindi : Bajra, Kannada : Sajje, Marathi : Bajri, Oriya : Bajra, Punjabi : Bajra, Tamil : Kambu, Telugu : Sajja Millets have been cultivated from pre-historic times and is one of the world's earliest food plants..
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Brand: DHATU ORGANICS Model: Red Chilli Ground
Red chilli powder is an indispensable ingredient in Indian cooking. It is used to add both the pungent flavor and red colour to dishes. It is prepared by sun drying red chilies until it is very dry and then powdering. ..
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Brand: DHATU ORGANICS Model: Chickpea Flour
Our 100% certified organic Brown Chickpea or Kala Chana is a rich source of fiber, protein, Iron, Thiamin, Vitamin C and many other vitamins and minerals. It is gluten free, low in fat, and has a low glycemic index. It is a very good source of protein for vegetarians. The proc..
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