Body Massage Oil

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60L Waterproof Climbing Hiking Backpack with Rain Cover

Product DescriptionMade from polyester fabric which is eco-friendly,durable,waterproof and wear-resi..

Rs2,986.98 Ex Tax: Rs2,531.34

Ancient Living 12 Essential Oils Set 12 (10ml bottles)

The Ancient Living 12 Set Gift Pack comprises of  Basil E..

Rs2,850.00 Ex Tax: Rs2,850.00

Ancient Living 6 Essential Oils Set 6 (10ml bottles)

The Ancient Living 6 Set Gift Pack comprises of Basil Essenti..

Rs1,100.00 Ex Tax: Rs1,100.00
Rs450.00 Ex Tax: Rs428.57
Rs850.00 Ex Tax: Rs809.52
Rs230.00 Ex Tax: Rs219.05
Rs525.01 Ex Tax: Rs444.92

Ancient Living Basil Essential Oil -10ml

Breathe organically, purify your lungs with our pure Basil Essential Oil. It has a warm, spicy..

Rs180.00 Ex Tax: Rs152.54

Ancient Living Bergamot Essential Oil -10ml

A highly favoured oil for its lovely fragrance, Bergamot is unique among citrus oils due to it..

Rs220.00 Ex Tax: Rs186.44

Ancient Living Brahmi & Amla Hair Oil -200ml

Ancient Living Brahmi and Amla hair oil is a potent hair oil processed as per the ancient meth..

Rs425.00 Ex Tax: Rs360.17

Ancient Living Brahmi & Amla Hair Oil -50ml

Ancient Living Brahmi and Amla hair oil is a potent hair oil processed as per the ancient meth..

Rs125.00 Ex Tax: Rs105.93
Rs300.00 Ex Tax: Rs254.24
Rs180.00 Ex Tax: Rs152.54
Rs375.00 Ex Tax: Rs317.80

Ancient Living De-stress Blended Oil -10ml

A refreshing note to your tired mind. It calms and soothes your mind while revital..

Rs300.00 Ex Tax: Rs300.00
Rs180.00 Ex Tax: Rs152.54
Rs300.00 Ex Tax: Rs254.24

Ancient Living Grape fruit Essential Oil -10ml

Grapefruit's fresh, fruity, invigorating aroma is sure to uplift the mood and please the sense..

Rs220.00 Ex Tax: Rs220.00
Rs150.00 Ex Tax: Rs127.12

Ancient Living Lavender Essential Oil -10ml

Our most popular oil, Lavender has been cherished for its unmistakable floral, light aroma and..

Rs395.00 Ex Tax: Rs395.00

Ancient Living Lemon Essential Oil -10ml

With its sharp and stimulating aroma, Lemon essential oil makes a perfect assistant for your p..

Rs300.00 Ex Tax: Rs254.24

Ancient Living Lemongrass Essential Oil -10ml

Experience the sweet, pungent aroma of Lemongrass Essential Oil that can magnify awareness, cu..

Rs180.00 Ex Tax: Rs180.00
Rs680.00 Ex Tax: Rs576.27

Ancient Living Neroli Essential Oil -10ml

Grab the sweet sensuous aroma of orange flower with Neroli Essential Oil, helps calm stress, d..

Rs480.00 Ex Tax: Rs480.00

Ancient Living Orange Essential Oil -10ml

Orange Essential Oil has a rich, fruity, appetizing scent that lifts the soul while giving a s..

Rs180.00 Ex Tax: Rs152.54
Rs575.00 Ex Tax: Rs487.29
Rs375.00 Ex Tax: Rs375.00

Ancient Living Rosemary Essential Oil -10ml

Rosemary oil has got an unforgettable aroma that will boost your memory.Add few drops of rosem..

Rs275.00 Ex Tax: Rs275.00

Ancient Living Sensual Blended Oil -10ml

A blend of essential oils with aphrodisiac properties to enhance your sensual mood and  i..

Rs375.00 Ex Tax: Rs317.80
Rs175.00 Ex Tax: Rs166.67
Rs325.00 Ex Tax: Rs309.52
Rs90.00 Ex Tax: Rs85.71

Ancient Living Tea Tree Essential Oil -10ml

<b>Tea Tree Essential Oil</b> With its earthly, interesting, peppery smell, Tea Tr..

Rs375.00 Ex Tax: Rs317.80

Ancient Living Ylang Ylang Essential Oil -10ml

Experience the sweet, floral, romantic fragrance of Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil which elevates m..

Rs300.00 Ex Tax: Rs254.24

Apple Cider Vinegar Facial Spray with Saffron & Rose and Sandal Essential Oils-50ml

Makes skin smoother, tones facial skin, fights wrinkles, keeps skin fresh and supple, reduces ..

Rs280.00 Ex Tax: Rs280.00

Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Spray with Lavender Flowers & Lavender Essential Oil -50ml

Makes hair shinier, smoother and softer. Prevents split ends. Treats dry, itchy scalp. Natural..

Rs280.00 Ex Tax: Rs280.00

Argan Oil Moisturising and Hydrating

To be used as massage Oil Benefits : It moisturizes and hydrates the skin. It gets absorbed..

Rs180.00 Ex Tax: Rs180.00

Aromatherapy Massage Oil for Combination Skin -30ml

Almond Oil is excellent moisturizer and lubricant, which prevents skin from drying; Jojoba Oil..

Rs100.00 Ex Tax: Rs100.00

Aromatherapy Massage Oil for dry skin -30ml

Sesame Oil, Avacado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Pure Essential Oils of Sandalwood, Rose, Geranium, Orange..

Rs100.00 Ex Tax: Rs100.00

Aromatherapy Rollon for Headache Relief

100% pure essential oil blend of peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, wintergreen, and frankincen..

Rs150.00 Ex Tax: Rs150.00

Aromatherapy Rollon Deo Body Toning

Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Pure essential oils of patchouli, Cearwood, lavender, Eucal..

Rs130.00 Ex Tax: Rs130.00

Aromatherapy Rollon Deo Calming -5ml

     Benefits : Sandalwood oil is calming, lemon oil invigorates body and ..

Rs130.00 Ex Tax: Rs130.00

Aromatherapy Rollon Deo Eau -de –Cologne

Pure Essential Oils of Neroli, Lemon, Orange and Grapefruit, Jojoba Oil. Benefits : Pleasan..

Rs160.00 Ex Tax: Rs160.00

Arthrohills Joint Care Oil - 100 ml

DESCRIPTION:Herbal Hills, one of the renowned and trusted manufacturers of herbal supplement is prep..

Rs295.00 Ex Tax: Rs295.00

Avocado Oil -50ml

To be used as massage Oil Avacado Oil is naturally loaded with many essential nutrients inc..

Rs180.00 Ex Tax: Rs180.00

Basil Essential Oil

In diffuser, it purifies and cleanses the air, uplifts mood, clarifies mind, protects the body..

Rs130.00 Ex Tax: Rs130.00

Beard Oil Fights Patchiness With 100% natural Ingredients

Ingredients : Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Organic Castor Oil, Argan Oil, Pure essential Oils of Lem..

Rs300.00 Ex Tax: Rs300.00



Rs201.60 Ex Tax: Rs180.00



Rs67.20 Ex Tax: Rs60.00

Calendula Baby Massage Oil

Calendula Baby Massage Oil..

Rs542.80 Ex Tax: Rs460.00

Calendula Baby Massage Oil

Calendula Baby Massage Oil..

Rs542.80 Ex Tax: Rs460.00

Eucalyptus Oil

Pure Essential Oil, Suggestions for Usage : Add a few drops in your hand wash/ body wash/ hair..

Rs130.00 Ex Tax: Rs130.00

Eucalyptus oil

description:Eucalyptus oilbenefits:Sinus, headache, fever & coldsingredients:Eucalyptus oil..

Rs58.00 Ex Tax: Rs58.00



Rs118.00 Ex Tax: Rs100.00

Herbal Massage Oil for pain relief

Sesame oil, herbs of dashmula, shatavari, manjishta, sandalwood, bala, neem, haldi, fennel, ja..

Rs100.00 Ex Tax: Rs100.00

Iluuppai Ennai (oil)

description:Iluuppai Ennai (oil)benefits:bone strengthTo relife back pain..

Rs47.00 Ex Tax: Rs47.00

Jojoba Oil -50ml

Jojoba oil controls sebum production of skin, it is a great moisturizer, can be applied direct..

Rs180.00 Ex Tax: Rs180.00

Kumkumadi Oil For a Flawless Skin

To be used as massage Oil Benefits : It improves glow and complexion of the skin, increases..

Rs400.00 Ex Tax: Rs400.00

Lavender Essential Oil

It helps remove nervous tension, enhances blood circulation ,induces sleep, treats hair loss ..

Rs350.00 Ex Tax: Rs350.00

Lemon Essential Oil

It cleans toxins from the body, helps in treating insomnia, helps in increasing alertness and ..

Rs130.00 Ex Tax: Rs130.00
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