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Brand: NEEV Model: Handmade Soap
Ingredients : Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Mahua Oil, Lye, Pure essential oils of Rose Oil, Geranium Oil, Palmarosa Oil, Rosemary Oil, contains roasted and ground almonds. TFM - 77.8% ;  Grade A soap. Keeps the skin dew fresh and young looking, de..
Ex Tax:Rs45.00
Brand: NEEV Model: Sindoor
Made from Homegrown turmeric, lemon juice, sesame oil, borax powder, alum, orange oil. No Chemicals, Safe and beneficial for skin Take a pince of sindoor in your fingers and apply on the partition between your hair.  Best before 18 mths frm mfg..
Ex Tax:Rs80.00
Brand: NEEV Model: Charcoal Powder
Dried and powdered Charcoal produced by burning  Benefits : Activated Charcoal Powder when used in a face mask, helps pull out unwanted oil and dirt from the pores, leaving the skin clean and smooth. The toxins from skin stick to the activated charcoal, making it a good cleanser ..
Ex Tax:Rs150.00
Brand: NEEV Model: Hair Oil
Makes hair longer, thicker and lustrous, prevents split ends and hair loss, promotes scalp health and hair growth, restores natural moisture Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Essential Oils of Rosemary, Lavender, Thyme and Cedarwood Make a partiton of ur hair, apply oil onto t..
Ex Tax:Rs100.00
Brand: NEEV Model: Almond Oil Kajal
Prepared from Pure Kashmiri Almond oil in Ayurvedic manner. Benefits : Protects eyes against sunlight and irritations. Gives a dark smoky look to the eyes. Apply a smoth layer of kajal onto a plastic or metal wand or your finger tip. Using the first finger of your left hand, pul..
Ex Tax:Rs160.00
Brand: NEEV Model: Cream
Tones and softens the skin, replenishes natural moisture of the skin, anti fungal, anti inflammatory and healing. Recommended for normal to dry skin..
Ex Tax:Rs130.00
Brand: NEEV Model: Lavender Soap
It is Moisturizing, Rejuvenating, Healing and Softening for skin. Recommended for All Skin Types. Ingredients : Fresh Aloe Vera Extract, Palm Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Mahua Oil, Lye and pure essential oils of Patchouli Oil, lavender Oil, Rosewood Oil. TFM of 77.8%..
Ex Tax:Rs45.00
Brand: NEEV Model: Neem Face Wash
Neem oil controls various skin infections; Olive Oil works as a cleanser, moisturiser and protector of the skin and helps restore skin elasticity. Aloe vera is moisturising, soothing and healing, helps with sunbun; tulsi oil and cedarwood oil help in curing acne, pimples and prevents ski..
Ex Tax:Rs100.00
Brand: NEEV Model: Neem Lotion
 coconut oil, Jojoba Oil,neem oil, emulsifying wax, Purified Water, Aloevera juice, Pure essential oils of Geranium, Nagarmotha, Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Tulsi , Potassium Sorbate, cetearyl alcohol, citric acd Jojoba Oil controls sebum production, dissolves excessive oil;is rich..
Ex Tax:Rs100.00
Brand: NEEV Model: Tea Tree Soap
Benefits : Tea Tree oil fights a variety of bacteria and is ideal for acne prone skin and skin disorders. It helps control blemishes and brings a natural glow to the skin. Neem Oil has regenerative properties, stimulates collagen production and reduces wrinkles. It is a natural remedy fo..
Ex Tax:Rs45.00
Brand: NEEV Model: Aloe Vera Body Wash
Benefits :  It is Moisturizing, Rejuvenating, Healing and Softening for the skin. Lavender Oil is a natural skin disinfectant, and is soothing and relaxing. Recommended for all skin types..
Ex Tax:Rs40.00
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